Preparations For Cracking An MBA Interview9th June 2017

To be a part of a prestigious MBA institute, it is very essential for every candidate to successfully clear the Personal Interview (P.I.) round, which is the final stepping stone towards a prosperous two-year program of management and business studies. Personal Interviews for MBA are the most significant round of all in the admission processes, since the candidate interacts with the representatives of the institute directly and in order to impress them and crack the interview, the candidate must concentrate more on their abilities and skills.

Personal Interviews held in MBA institutes are often tricky and involves “out of the box” answers, during which many candidates are left clueless. In this segment, we are going to introduce hands-down preparation guide for aspiring candidates to seamlessly overcome the hurdles faced during the Personal Interviews held in every MBA institutes and colleges.

Useful Preparation Tips for Cracking MBA:

  • The interview panel, of the MBA College which you’ve applied for, is aware of the fact that you are just a student and are not expected to know everything. So, be honest when you’re in the interview room. The personal interview is conducted to assess your interpersonal & communication skills and to know your vision as an MBA aspirant and not knowing everything won’t affect your interview. If you have no idea about a certain topic, it’s better to be polite and respond with a “NO”.
  • Be different from others. Prepare some witty answers for general questions like, “Why do you want to study in this institute?”, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”, “Why should we admit you?”. Give an insight about your passions, your dedication for the subject and quote some famous lines from eminent personalities.
  • Dress up in proper and comfortable apparel which will help you to be in ease for longer hours. If you are attiring formal clothing, then maintain a standard decorum during the interview round and look presentable.
  • It is necessary for every candidate to be completely clear of the question which has been asked and after then they should answer it. Answers shouldn’t be given in haste, just by assuming the questions asked during the interview. Focus on the questions and understand clearly, before answering to it.
  • Candidates must keep their answers limited and the inputs should be mentioned in those brief answers. You must keep your answers short and to the point so that the interviewers are not bored. Talking senselessly and beating round the bush doesn’t impress the interviewers, so always stick to the point and keep in mind to give out honest and candid answers. Relatable examples can be used to make your answers sound more interesting and engaging.
  • There is no wrong in keeping a personal opinion! During the interview, the candidate can certainly maintain his/her personal opinion regarding recent incidents or happenings and can clearly state them during the interview. State your opinion in front of the interviewers but along with that, do welcome their thoughts as well. Losing over a debate with them is not bad provided you did put your words across in a sensible way. As long as you are able to impress the interviewers with your opinions, it doesn’t matter who the winner is.

Personal Interviews for MBA institutes can be easily cracked if the candidates are confident and willing to face the circumstances without giving up.

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