Part Time MBA13th June 2016

Part Time MBA courses in India


Part time MBA is designed for students who cannot attend college in a regular regimen. They are specifically designed keeping in mind a working professional. Those professionals who cannot take time off from work to attend full-time MBA program find this program highly appealing. It is often called a flex program and is beneficial for those who wish to progress in their career. It can also help those who have established a network of business contacts to facilitate a switch of career.

Part time courses on an average take three years to complete. However, colleges also offer accelerated courses that take shorter times and some take longer time.



Part time MBA programs warrant similar requirements to full time MBA programs.

* A candidate must have earned a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline.

* Most colleges do not require any pre-requisite scores. However, some institutes would require one to submit CAT/GMAT/GRE scores, resume, essays, and letter of recommendation and statement of purpose.

Starting Salary

Fees for Part-Time MBA programs are usually lesser than Full-time MBA programs. The salaries are not comparative to that of premiere full time MBA programs. However, one can expect some impetus to one’s existing assignment or a career switch.

Career Prospects

A part-time MBA helps in giving additional weightage to a candidate’s resume. It can help in understanding the business better and thus demonstrate capability of taking up more business oriented roles. Part-time MBA courses also gives an opportunity to apply the learning immediately at their daily professional lives.

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