MBA in Travel and Tourism Management: Course Overview with Syllabus Details4th June 2017

MBA in Travel and Tourism management has achieved quite a success in the recent few years due to its engaging and diverse work sphere with its industry developing rapidly and being one of the leading industries of the world. Currently, travel and tourism has become one of the important members in ‎international commerce, and represents at the same time one of the essential income ‎sources for many developing countries. This evolution goes alongside with a rising diversification and competition among preferred destinations.
A career in travel and tourism is definitely fascinating and compelling for candidates who are extremely determined to prosper their future in this field. There are several eminent institutes which offer both PGDM and MBA course in travel and tourism management, which can help candidates to learn about the subject in-depth.
The candidates are required to possess a pass Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University with minimum 50% marks in aggregate or any other equivalent qualification. There are various colleges and universities which administer entrance tests for admission.
Syllabus of MBA in travel and tourism management
The duration of this course is for 2 years with 4 semesters throughout the academic years. The subjects of study included in the course are:
Management Principles:
• Management: Science, Theory and practice

• Planning and Decision Making

• Organizing

• Staffing

• Directing

• Controlling

• Social Responsibility and Ethics
This portion covers the essential aspects of management required in tourism industry which will help in better understanding.
Fundamentals, ideals and practices of tourism:
• Meaning & Measurement of Tourism
• Motivation and Organization of Tourism
• Socio-Cultural & Economic Impacts of Tourism
• Tourism planning and Development
• Dynamics and Development of Tourism
Through these subjects, candidates are given an extensive knowledge about tourism education and an exposure of the different elements of the subject are made.
Tourism itinerary and products:
• Tourism Products and Distribution
• Natural Resources
• Socio Cultural Resources
• International Rail, Car, Air and Cruise Line Tourism Devices
• Different kind of Destinations, Commercial/Heritage attractions
This program focuses on ensuring the students to understand the importance of the heritage places of India and other places.
Business Statistics:
• Introduction
• Measures of Central Tendency
• Measures of Dispersion
• Correlation and Regression
• Time Series
• Probability and Random Variables
• Normal Distribution
• Sampling Distributions
• Hypothesis Testing
Through these subjects, the students are taught thoroughly about the diverse range of statistical measures and the interpretation of data.
IT and Tourism Management:
• ICT in Tourism and Aviation
• Information Systems used by Intermediaries
• Consumer access to Travel Information systems
• Hospitality Information Systems
• Destination Management and ICT
This course advances the students’ knowledge about the connection between IT sector and tourism.
Travel Consultancy and Tour Activities:
• Introduction: Travel Consultancy & Tour Operations
• Travel Documentation
• Modern Travel Industry
• Itinerary Planning & Costing
• Tour Operational Techniques
• Tourism Organizations & Accreditations
This subject area aims at the significance of travel agency and tour activities throughout the globe.
Hospitality and Tourism:
• Introduction
• Consumer Buying Behavior and Market Segmentation
• Pricing
• Promotion and Direct Marketing
• Packaging and Programming
The assorted range of marketing techniques related to the field of tourism and hospitality are educated to the candidates.
Organizational Management:
• Introduction to Organizational Behavior
• Individual Behavior
• Personality
• Perception
• Learning
• Motivation
• Management of Stress
• Group Dynamics
• Leadership and Management effectiveness
• Conflict
The candidates are provided a complete knowledge about the dynamics and workings of an organization.
The syllabus for MBA in travel and tourism management may vary from one institute to another, but the basic guidelines have been mentioned above.

If you are determined to create a successful career, then this course is the right choice for you.


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