MBA in Hospital Management9th December 2016

Hospital Management

What is the Scope?

There are more than 26,000 registered hospitals under the central and state governments in our country and the number is increasing steadily. Moreover, India is fast becoming the chosen destination for medical tourists because of the efficient, pocket-friendly services provided along with the most modern state of the art facilities utilized by the medical fraternity.

Healthcare has become a highly specialized service including various specialties which are further sub divided into super specialties. One such case would be a cardiology specialty hospital which would have departments such as Clinical Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology. These sub specialties would be further divided into Cardiac Electrophysiology and Echocardiography and Nuclear Cardiology and so on. While the specialist doctor would treat the patient, there is a need for professionals to run the establishment i.e. the hospital.

Previously, senior doctors would take on the double responsibility of offering their expertise and the administration of the hospital. But now the sheer volume and complex procedures involved would require qualified professionals for smooth functioning of a hospital.

Work Schedule

Hospitals work all-round the year and around the clock. A person working in a hospital would need to have a service oriented approach to life. There would be a shift system where one is required to be on call at odd hours. One should be able to deliver services under duress and in medical emergencies while taking quick decisions. One should be able to interact amiably with the public and with the medical fraternity and coordinate between both. Hence having good communication skills would be a plus point.

Who should opt for this course?

If you are a person who finds the thought of getting a patient back on his/her feet gratifying, this is the field for you. One should have a liking for Biology and Life Sciences. An aspirant who could not qualify for Medical Entrance and or who would like to work in the “fringe” of the medical field could apply for this course. Also a doctor who would like to set up a nursing home or a specialty hospital with a few beds could also opt for this course. Qualified nurses who would wish to move up the ladder in their field and take up more responsible position could also pursue this course.

Eligibility Criteria

One would need to have Biology as a subject at the 10+2 stage to take up the graduate course in Hospital Administration (BHA). Medical and non- medical students can take the post graduate course in Hospital Administration(MHA). Apart from this, there are diploma and certificate courses in hospital administration in short term or distant learning mode. One example of this is Tamilnadu Open University which offers a two-year distance learning course in Hospital Management.

Fee Structure

A three-year Bachelors in Hospital Administration (BHA) degree would cost on an average Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000 per year. This would differ from institution to institution. There would be the usual scholarships and reservations for backward castes and in some cases loans or fee waivers as per the norms which are applicable by the respective colleges.

A MHA degree course generally is for two years with four semesters with each semester fee of approximately Rs.10000.

What to Expect in the Course?

A student pursuing Hospital Management would be taught both basic business management and healthcare administration. Some of the aspects taught are finance, operational and marketing management. The student is taught to deal with social, legal, ethical and economic matters in hospital management. An example of this would be the highly complex subject of medical insurance. All the nuances of healthcare financing rules and laws subject is taught.

Some of the job roles an MBA in Hospital Management would take up would be as Hospital Administrator wherein one would be responsible for planning, directing and coordination of all departments of the hospital.

Subjects taught initially would be certain concepts of economics, statistics, mathematics, human resources, marketing, and finance.

For the latter part latest health policies put forward by the government are taught along with financial planning, clinical services, and administration, hospital operations and medical law and ethics.

 Top colleges offering MBA in Hospital Management: –

  • Pai Management Institute (PGDM in Healthcare)
  • Goa Institute of Management (Post graduate diploma in Healthcare Management)
  • Hindustan University (MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management)
  • N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research (WeSchool) (PGDM in Healthcare Management)

A complete list of Hospital management colleges in India can be viewed here

Eligibility for the above are either GMAT/CAT/MAT/CMAT

Top Recruiters

Apart from top Multi Specialty Corporate hospitals such as Fortis Healthcare, Apollo Healthcare, Columbia Asia Hospitals, WHO and GE and certain non-profit organizations who work to provide healthcare to the underprivileged, also recruit MBA graduates. Pharmaceutical companies, healthcare insurance companies, medical equipment supply companies, corporate diagnostic centers, nutritional centers, medical colleges, public health organizations rehabilitation centers are all potential recruiters for an MBA in Hospital Management.

What does a typical Job Description look like? (some examples)

Hospital Administrator:

Responsible for recruitment of staff and interns and the smooth functioning of services provided by the healthcare organization.

Medical Director:

Responsible for assigning of duties to the various staff and to oversee their work.

Nursing Director:

Oversee the nursing staff and their duties

IT Manager:

Responsible for the hardware and software of the computerization of the hospital.

Technology Director:

Responsible for the smooth functioning and repairs of medical equipment.

Dean or Director of affiliated Medical colleges:

Responsible for coordinating between the hospital and college.

Director of Diagnostics:

Responsible for running of pathological laboratory and other diagnostic labs in the hospital

Remuneration to Expect?

A medium grade hospital would offer a Rs.40000 to Rs.50000 salary per month. Thereafter depending on the climbing up the hierarchy and depending on the institution the salary could well amount to a lakh plus rupees per month.

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