Is There Any Difference Between an MHA and an MBA in Healthcare Management?24th May 2017

An MHA and an MBA in health care management program both cover health care management, although the difference lies in the approach and focus of the courses. The MBA is a business degree with a health care specialization, while the MHA is a deeply engaging health care management degree.

In today’s lifestyle, healthcare has essentially become very important for every individual, with a heavily regulated industry. Healthcare industry has a pivotal role in making of an economy of a country. The healthcare industry is one of the largest industries tending to the medical attentions of several people around the world. With proper technological assistance, healthcare industry has rapidly developed and is currently giving tough competition to other leading industries of the world. A diversified field of jobs have opened up for aspiring candidates in the healthcare industry and an MHA and an MBA qualified candidates will certainly stand a strong chance to endeavor the success.

But before we move on, what brings a difference between an MHA and an MBA in health care management?


MHA (Master of Health Administration)

The MHA program’s goal is to prepare a candidate to assume the responsibilities of a hospital administrator or executive in a government or corporate or any other hospital. With a duration of two academic years, segregated into four semesters, the MHA program includes coursework in health policy and law. The MHA program is focused on skill building around the health care industry so candidates are able to initiate their activity with a better understanding of the complexities in this area, such as health-care-related financial skills, IT, organizational structure and awareness, and project management.

During the MHA program, the candidates are required to acquire soft skills which are usually different from other industries. In the healthcare industry, there are various sub sectors like, pregnancy, pediatrics, adult care, general health and many more, which require specific people skills and the ability to feel genuine empathy.

The MHA course includes subjects such as human resources, health care delivery, finance, ethics, health policies and business management. Admission requirements are generally similar to those of an MBA program. There are some institutes which may also require letters of recommendation and often prioritize earlier experience in healthcare industry.


MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Healthcare Management

The MBA program has been designed to showcase a broader comprehension of a general business focus, with less time spent on policies and more time spent on operations and business ideas. Candidates are given more exposure towards the business side of healthcare industry, aiming on business functions like accounting, finance, data handling and many more. During the MBA program, candidates are taught to coordinate, plan, evaluate, assess and understand the underlying issues of managing a healthcare industry. Candidates who are eager to take up leadership roles and tackle complicated situations with ease, are ideal for this program.

Career Choice: Which Is The Right Option?

In both the programs, a comprehensive foundation is set in particular parts of health care management and a lucrative career is guaranteed. But what will be ideal for you?

If your interest lies in the elemental workings of a hospital, managing the regulatory surroundings of a healthcare organization, working with policy, managing a clinic, or operating in the senior level of a hospital or clinic, then MHA is the apt choice for you.

If you are more into entrepreneurial or management aspect of the healthcare industry with policy and regulations and more business related operations, then MBA in healthcare management is the correct option.


What would you like to opt for?


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