All You Need To Know About Specialized MBA Courses10th June 2017

In this world of cutthroat competition, every candidate is aspiring to stand apart from the crowd and MBA candidates are no less. The rise of specialized MBA courses in various institutes, colleges and universities, have created a strong demand among the students for these specialized programs, especially for those candidates, who have prior experience in specific expertise and are trying to upgrade their skills and competitiveness.

Eminent brands like Airtel and Lenovo are on the lookout for candidates who have specialized knowledge and specialized MBA courses are simply the apt choice for that. Students should consider their career goals and professional development in settling on a proper specialization.

The specialized MBA has found an exclusive spot in the market for sector-specific knowledge, rather than in more general business topics, such as marketing, HR and finance. Globalization and outsourcing of business processes have increased the demand for managers with in-depth expertise in specific fields in their professional backgrounds. This is particularly true for multinational firms. Even though most MBA students pick up a specialization area once their required classes are over, specialized MBA programs administer students with an opportunity to concentrate on their selected field from the very beginning of the academic term.

As more and more universities offer MBA programs, it is becoming ever more difficult for candidates to decide on which business school offers the most suitable MBA program to meet their necessities. Many business schools are digressing from the ‘generalist’ system, which has been the typical MBA model for the last thirty years. Several institutes are offering a wide range of MBA specializations, ranging from an MBA in Financial Studies, as well as Insurance and Risk Management Accountancy and Finance, to an MBA in Sports Management, MBA in Hospital Management or even an MBA in Technology.

In the recent few years, there has been a positive trend to specialize on certain set of skills rather than generalizing on the subject. Some career scopes may be nearly impossible to enter without specialized training and that is where specialized MBA courses come into action.

India has witnessed a sharp rise of specialized MBA courses in various colleges like, Dehradun-based College of Management & Economics Studies University of Petroleum Energy Studies (UPES), Bengaluru-based Hindustan Business School and Jain University offer specialized MBA in aviation. UPES, Noida-based Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology and Gandhinagar-based School of Petroleum Management offer specialized MBAs dealing with the oil and gas sector. Gurgaon-based Management Development Institute, Badarpur-based National Power Training Institute and Pune’s Symbiosis Institute of International Business offer MBA courses aimed at the power and electricity sector. Delhi-based Indian School of Business has also started offering specialized MBAs, including one in digital marketing.

The specialized MBA is thus ideal for candidates who are already managers, but who have inadequate knowledge about their industry, or for freshers who want to take a different turn of careers, with no prior experience or expertise.

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