CAT Sample questions
JMET Sample Paper
MAT Sample Paper
1. A man recived Rs.12000 as Puja Bonus.He invested a part of it at 5% per annum and the remaining at 6% per annum, simple interest being alloted at each case. The
total earned by him in 4yrs is Rs.2580. The sum invested at 5% per annum is
(1) Rs 4500 (2) Rs.4000 (3) Rs.7500 (4) Rs.8000
2. A finance company declares that, at certain compound interest rate,a sum of money deposited by anyone will become 8times in 3yrs. If the same amount is deposited
at the same compound rate of interest, then in how many years it will become 16times?
(1) 5yrs (2) 4yrs (3) 6yrs (4) 7yrs
3. In an objective examination of 90 questions, 5 marks are alloted for every correct answer and 2marks are deducted for every worng answer.After attempting all the 90
questions a student got a total of 387marks.Find the number of questions he attempted wrong.
(1) 36 (2) 18 (3) 9 (4) 27
4. A boat man rows to a place 45Km distant and back in 20 hours. He finds that he can row 12Km with the stream in same time as 4Km against the stream.Find the
speed of the stream.
(1) 3Km/hr (2) 2.5Km/hr (3) 4Km/hr (4) Cannot be determined
5. Two cyclists start on a circular track from a given point but in oppsite directions with speed of 7m/sec and 8m/sec respectively. If the circumfrence of the circle is
300 meters,aftertrade what time will they meet at the starting point?
(1) 100sec (2) 20sec (3) 300sec (4) 200sec
6. In an examination, a pupil's average marks were 63 per paper.If he had obtained 20 more marks for his Geography paper and 2 more marks for his History paper,his
average per paper would have been 65. How many papers were there in the examination?
(1) 9 (2) 8 (3) 10 (4)11
7. Ram went to shop to buy 50Kg of rice. He buys two kinds of rice which costs him Rs 4.50 per Kg and Rs 5.00 per Kg.He spends a total of Rs.240. What was the quantity
of rice which cost him Rs 4.50 per Kg?
(1) 25Kg (2) 30Kg (3) 20Kg (4) None of these
8. Seema invested an amount of Rs. 16,000 for 2yrs on compound interest and recived an amount of Rs.17,640 on maturity. What is the rate of interest?
(1) 5 pcpa (2) 8 pcpa (3) 4pcpa (4) Data inadequate
9. My scooty gives an average of 40Kmpl of petrol. But after recent filling at the new petrol pump,its average dropped to 38Kmpl.I investigated and found out that it was
due to adulterated petrol.Petrol pumps add kerosene which is 2/3 cheaper than petrol,to increase their profits. Kerosene generates excessive smoke and knocking and
gives an average of 18Km per 900ml. If I paid Rs. 30 for a litre of petrol, what was the additional amount the petrol-pump owner was making?
(1) Rs. 1.75 (2) Rs. 1.80 (3) Rs. 2.30 (4) Rs. 2
10. A train after travellling 150Kms meets with an accident and then proceeds at 3/5 of its former speed and arrives at its destination 8 hours late.Had the accident
occured 360 Kms further, it would had reached the destination 4 hours late. What was the total distance travelled by the train?
(1) 960Km (2) 870Km (3) 840Km (4) 1100Km
11. In an engineering college the average salary of all engineering graduates from Mechanical trade is Rs. 2.45 lacs per annum and that of eigneering graduates from
Electronics trade is Rs. 3.12lacs per annum. Find the least number of electronics passing out from this institute.
(1) 43 (2) 59 (3) 67 (4) Cannot be determined
12. There are two identical vessels X and Y. Y is filled with water till the brim and X is empty. There are two pails A and B, such that B can hold half as much water as
A. One poeration is excuted when water is transferred from Y to X using A once and water is transferred to Y from X using B once. If A can hold half a litre of water
and it takes 40 operations to equate the water level in X and Y, what is the total volume of water in the system?
(1) 20 litres (2) 10 litres (3) 40 litres (4) 20 3/4 litres
13. In a class with a certain numbers of student, if one student weighing 50Kg is added then the average weight of the class increases by 1Kg. If one more student
weighing 50Kg is added then the average weight of the class increases by 1.5Kg over the original average. What is the original weight (in Kg) of the class?
(1) 4 (2) 46 (3) 2 (4) 47
14. Rahul can row a certain distance downstream in 6 hours and return the same distance in 9 hours.If the speed of Rahul in still water is 12 Km/hr,find the speed of the
(1) 2 Km/hr (2) 2.5 Km/hr (3) 3 Km/hr (4) Data inadequate
15. Large medium and small ships are used to bring water. 4 large ships carry as much water as 7 small ships. 3 medium ships carry the same amount as 2 large ships
and 1 small ship. 15 large, 7 medium and 14 small ships each made 36 journeys and brought a certain quantity of water. In how many journeys would 12
large,14 medium and 21 small ships bring the same quantity?
(1) 32 (2) 25 (3) 29 (4) 49
16. A man can row 2.5 Km/hr in still water and he finds that it takes him twice as long to row up as to row down the river. Find the rate of the stream.
(1) 1.5 Km/hr (2) 2Km/hr (3) 2.5 km/hr (4) 1.75 km/hr
17. The work down by women in 8 hrs is equal by a man in 6hrs and by a boy in 12 hrs. If working 6hrs per day 9 men can complete a work in 6 days , then how many days 12boys,12men and 12 women together finish the same work, working 8 hrs per day.
(1) 3 2/3 days (2) 4 1/2 days (3) 3 days (4) 1 1/2 day
18. A team of workers was employed by a contractorwho under took to finish 360 pieces of an article in a certain number of days. Making four more pieces then was
planned,they could complete the job a day ahead of the schedule. How many days did they take to complete the job?
(1) 10 days (2) 8 days (3) 9 days (4) 12 days
19. The average monthly salary of employees consisting of officers and workers, of an organisation is Rs.3000. The average salary of an officer is Rs.10,000 while that of the worker is Rs.2000 per month. If there are total 400 employees in the organisation,find the number of officers.
(1) 60 (2) 50 (3) 80 (4) 40
20. Two vessels contain mixtures of milk and water in the ratio 8:1 and 1:5 respectively. the content of both of these are mixed in a specific ratio in the third vessel. How
much mixture must be drawn from the second vessel to fill the third vessel (capacity 26 gallons) completely in order that the resulting mixture may be half milk and
half water?
(1) 12 gallons (2) 14 gallons (3) 10 gallons (4) 13 gallons
21. Amit kumar got a 4-digit pass cord(which is formed out of the digits 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) of his ATM card from ICICI bank but after the 50th day he lost the pass
code and also forgot the number. How many maximum number of trials he have to take to get the right number? 0 can be the beginning of the code number.
(1) 10! (2) 10 (3) 9 (4) 9!
22. The lenght of the ladder is exactly equal to the height of the wall it is leaning against. If the lower end of the ladder is kept on the stool of height 3m and the stool is
kept 9m away from the wall, the upper end of the ladder coincides with top of the wall, then the height of the wall is
(1) 15m (2) 12m (3) 18m (4) 11m
23. If three equal cubes are placed adjacently in a row then the ratio of the total surface area of the new cubiod to that of the sum of the surface area of the three cubes
will be
(1) 5:9 (2) 1:9 (3) 2:3 (4) 7:9
24. An iron cube of sized 10cm is hammered into a rectangular sheet of thickness 0.5cm. If the sides of the sheets be in the ratio 1:5 then the sides are,
(1) 20 cm,100 cm (2) 10 cm,50 cm (3) 40 cm,200cm (4) None of these
25. Fresh grapes contain 80 percent of water while dry grapes contain 10 percent of water. If the weight of the dry grape is 250Kg what was its total weight when it was
(1) 1000Kg (2) 1125 Kg (3) 1225Kg (4) 1100Kg
26. A dealer buys dry fruit at the rate of Rs. 100,Rs.80 and Rs.60 per Kg. He bought them in the ratio 12:15:20 by weight. He in total gets 20% profit by selling the first
two and at last he finds he has no gain no loss in selling the whole quantity he had. What was the percentage loss he suffered for the third quantity?
(1) 40% (2) 20% (3) 30% (4) 50%
27. A man sitting in the train travelling at the rate of 50Km/hr observes that it takes 9sec for the goods train travelling in the opposite direction to pass him. If the train is
187.5 m long, find its speed
(1) 40 Km/hr (2) 25 Km/hr (3) 35 Km/hr (4) 36 Km/hr
28. A train 300Km/hr is running at the speed of 90km/hr. How many seconds will it take to cross a 200m long train running in opposite direction at speed of 60Km/hr?
(1) 7 1/5 (2) 60 (3) 12 (4) 20
29. Out of eight crew members three particular members can sit on the left side. Another two particular members can sit on right side. Find the number of ways in
which the crew can be arranged so that four men can sit on each side
(1) 864 (2) 865 (3) 863 (4) 1728
30. Three pipes are made of different shapes. The cross-sections ofthe pipes are an equilateral triangle,a hexagonal and a circle, the perimeter of each of this cross
-section is equal. The flow through the pipes is propotional to the area of the cross-section. If it takes 8minutes for the triangular pipe to fill up the tank, What will be
the difference in the times taken bu hexagonal and circular pipes?
(1) 45 seconds (2) 1 minute (3) 1.5 minutes (4) 7.9 minutes
31. The Qutab Minar casts its shadow 150 m long at the same time when the Vikas Minar is 80 m. Find the height of the Qutab Minar.
(1) 100 m (2) 180 m (3) 150 m (4) 120 m
32. Due to global recession starting in January, Ram's monthly salary is Rs. 8000 was cut by 10%. The monthly expenses which was Rs.6000, increased at the rate of 5%
per month. Since which month will have no savings if the recessive lasted for a year?
(1) April (2) March (3) May (4) June
33. An oil refinery takes 100 litres of crude oil as input after refining for 1hr gives certain amount of output oil X litres. This can be sold in the market at a profit of Rs.30
per litre. If this oil further refined for 1/2 hour it gives oil Y litres. This can be sold at the profit of Rs. 50 per litre. Output and input ratio at both the stages is 90%
The maximum amount that can be earned from 1000 litres of crude input is.
(1) Rs. 30,000 (2) Rs. 27,000 (3) Rs. 40,000 (4) Rs. 40,500
34. A mixture (40 litres) contains tonic and water in the ratio 3:1. to make the ratio 5:1, how much additional water is requried?
(1) 5 litres (2) 4 litres (3) 3 litres (4) 2 litres
35. If 11, 109, 999 is divided by 1111, then what is the remainder?
(1) 1098 (2) 11888 (3) 1010 (4) 1110
36. If an angle of triangle remains unchanged but each of its two including side is doubled, then by what factor does the area get multiplied?
(1) 2 (2) 3 (3) 4 (4) 6
37. A number when divided by 765 leaves a remainder 42. What will be the remainder if the number is divided by 17?
(1) 8 (2) 7 (3) 6 (4) 5
38. The radius of a cylindrical cistern is 10 meters and its height is 15 meters. Intially the cistern is empty, we start filling the cistern with water through a pipe whose
diameter is 15 cm, water is coming out of pipe with a velocity of 5 m/s. How many minutes will it take in filling the cistern with water?
(1) 20 (2) 40 (3) 60 (4) 80
39. What is super 301?
(1) A French news channel (2) An American trade law (3) A British anti-craft missile (4) None of these
40. Who finally approves the draft five years plan?
(1) President (2) Planning commission (3) Prime Minister (4) National Development Council
41. Which is India's largest private sector Bank?
(1) UTI (2) ICICI (3) HDFC (4) IDBI
42. According to the UNCTAD report,India has acquried the_ place in the world, for recieving the largest FDI in 2006.
(1)Fourth (2) Third (3) Second (4) Fifth
43. For attaining 9% growth rate during 11th plan, investment level has been estimated to be.
(1) 30% of GDP (2) 25% of GDP (3) 20% of GDP (4) 35% of GDP
44. Central Government has declared 2007 as
(1) Water year (2) Sanitation year (3) Poverty Alleviation year (4) None of these
45. 'Aero India 2007' was organised during february 2007 at
(1) Kolkata (2) New Delhi (3) Mumbai (4) Bangalore
46. 2007 is been celebrated as 'Friendship Year' between India and
(1) Nepal (2) China (3) Japan (4) Russia
47. RBI holds _ equity in National Housing Bank.
(1) 75% (2) 60% (3) 50% (4) 100%
48. The National Stock Exchange functions from
(1) New Delhi (2) Kolkata (3) Mumbai (4) Chennai
49. What is the purpose of India Brand Equity Fund?
(1) To organise trade fairs (2) To promote in-bound tourism (3) To make 'Made In India' a label quality (4)To provide venture capital of IT sector
50. On the basis of size and composition of external debt, World Bank has classified India as a
(1) heavily indebt country (2) moderately indebt country (3) less indebt country (4) severely indebt country